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‘I met the world’s biggest Pizza Express fans in Woking – it’s fit for a prince’

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The Pizza Express in Woking is an institution forever etched into the fabric of British culture, and so when I got in touch with the “world’s biggest Pizza Express fans” it made sense we headed over to grab a meal fit for a prince.

Kieran Hynes, 26, and Jas Farara, 27, have made it their mission to go to every one of the popular chain’s London-based restaurants and beyond.

They go by A Couple Of Slices on Instagram and their devoted commitment to trying as many pies as possible but have gained the attention of Pizza Express themselves, who now invite the pair to launch events and various press celebrations, putting them in the upper crust of influencers in the pizza space.

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While it remains unclear whether any members of the Royal Family may have been there before, I sat there certain that it was good enough for this Daily Star reporter.

Although, Prince Andrew once claimed to have visited this particular restaurant during BBC’s Newsnight in 2021.

As we rode the train from Waterloo to Woking, Kieran was clutching a well-thumbed sheet listing the name of every Pizza Express in the capital, their previous conquests meticulously crossed off.

As the train rattled south-westerly, Kieran explained that there are “about 80 in London, and we’ve done 33 in two years”.

This means at this rate The Slices could reasonably hope to have scratched off the entire London Pizza Express market by the end of 2026.

“It started out as a bit of a hobby, as a bit of fun,” Jas explained.

“But now that Pizza Express have actually clocked onto it they get in touch all the time – on our birthdays we get free meals, they have things called Live Summer Sessions [and we get] free pizza all night.

“Every time a new menu comes out we get invited,” Kieran said, as the train pulled into Woking, “At the coronation, there was one, I think it was called the King’s Pizza”.

As we walked through the town’s famous streets we set out to stop at another Daily Star favourite get some pints in at Wetherspoons.

The Herbert Wells is a fine ‘Spoons, and after a few jars of San Miguel and Shipyard we were having a royally good time with rounds coming to less than £12.

“The other day we were at Notting Hill Gate and I went to check the bill was all good with the waiter who said, ‘Don’t worry, I know you are the chosen ones,’” Kieran explained.

Jas added: “We gladly accepted that title”.

Nicely sauced and running late, we dashed across the town centre where our pizzas waited.

Pizza Express in Woking is a fine establishment, a converted row of terraced houses it has been fitted out with an airy conservatory and it was here that we took our table.

Taking off my jacket as I didn’t want to sweat, Jas and Kieran explained what it is like to be on the inside of the Pizza Express influencer scene.

“I think we knew we made it a year ago. Pizza Express messaged us on Instagram to go to the opening of Pizza Express Live,” Jas explained.

“We had tickets to go to my favourite band that night, but when you’ve been trying to make it in the Pizza Express world for that long you accept the opportunity.”

Starving, we ordered some calamari, bruschetta and pesto balls to start, followed by a classic La renne for Jas, a romana Pollo Forza with extra jalapenos for Kieran, who was testing out the air conditioning, and a romana Padana for me.

“We went along unsure of what to expect, we were new to the influencer scene,” Jas said of that first night as a Pizza Express insider.

They chatted with some of the people there but were astonished to find that “the majority of people were in the music industry or models.”

“There was no one there that had been invited because they had an Instagram account dedicated to Pizza Express,” Kieran added, clearly disappointed at the lack of commitment from his peers.

The food at the Woking branch was excellent, enhanced by being washed down by the chain’s own beer, Pizza Pal, made in conjunction with Meantime Brewing Company.

“We’re in it for the long haul, me and Jas,” Kieran explained, adding that they’ve already done a lot of Pizza Expresses outside of London and have intentions to crack on nationwide once they’ve done London.

The couple did note that they had not been to any up north yet and are yet to sample any of the restaurants in York.

As we left the restaurant and set off back to Wetherspoons for a nightcap, Kieran reflected on what it was that drew them to become the “world’s biggest Pizza Express fans” in the first place.

“I do think one of the main selling points of Pizza Express as a brand is how nice the buildings are.

“I think they’ve got an affinity for purchasing nice buildings with nice brickwork – archaic in a good way. Is that a thing?”

Feeling stuffed and a little woozy our carriage awaited and we hopped back on the train to the capital, a happy glow awash all of us after a great feed.

Pulling out their piece of paper, Kieran excitedly went to cross off Woking from the London list, and it was only then that we realised, Woking was outside of the M25.

Looks like they're starting their national conquest sooner than expected.

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