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Real-life cat burglar ‘Klepto Kitty’ caught on CCTV with knife in her mouth

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A real-life cat burglar has been caught on CCTV carrying her stolen haul through the cat flap.

The four-year-old Maine Coon has been dubbed the ‘Klepto Kitty’ after her owner began sharing footage of her crimes on TikTok.

The cat, whose name is Gingee, is guilty of ransacking and raiding her neighbour's homes in Buckley, North Wales.

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One night the prolific thief was caught red-handed with a stolen kitchen knife in her mouth – which she then delivered to her sleeping owner's bed.

Owners Jay Phoenix, 43 and Mathew Westlake-Toms, 31, were fast asleep when the sneaky feline dropped the blade onto them.

Other stolen goods include the spade from a child's sandpit, a kitchen sieve, Sellotape, scissors and someone's goggles, according to the BBC.

Jay explained that Gingee’s criminal career all began a few months ago when his partner noticed items around their house going missing.

But Gingee wasn’t happy with her little hoard and began branching out for greater treasures.

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"We found football cones for training,” Jay told the publication.

“She's coming through the cat flap all the time, the cones were quite flexible even though there were really big and some of the footage you can see is just ridiculous. You don't think it would ever fit. I'm surprised she fits because she's quite a big cat."

Since the cat began appearing with mysterious objects, Jay installed a camera in the kitchen to watch the little thief’s comings and goings.

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"I heard a tapping on the door that sounded strange, like a human or something solid. I thought nothing of it and went back to sleep," Jay explained.

The owners have been uploading Gingee's naughty activities to her very own TikTok account @Gingee_klepto.

Over the clip, where the feline brings home the knife, the owners joked they needed to install a metal detector to the cat flap.

Other videos show the cat sneaking in with what appears to be a plastic bottle, a straw and water balloon filters.

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