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Nigel Farage erupts at Remainers hijacking Last Night of Proms with EU flags

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EU flags being waved during Rule Britannia at BBC proms

Nigel Farage has erupted at Remainers hijacking the Last Night of the Proms with EU flags.

The blue-and-gold Brussels symbol appeared to outnumber the Union Jack as they were waved by audience members during rousing renditions of patriotic anthems including Rule Britannia during the concert, which is put on by the BBC.

Remainer activists handed out the flags for free outside the Royal Albert Hall in London ahead of the concert, which is put on by the BBC, on Saturday.

Brexit architect Mr Farage described the spectacle as “blooming rude”.

He told GB News: “The whole thing was rude, insulting and inappropriate.

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“I’m afraid we do have this small group of people in this country who hate the country, hate its flag, hate its history, hate its shared commonality and identity, and there they were in the hall.

“Mercifully, they are but a small minority. I know they’re having a rejoin march in London in a couple of weeks’ time.

“I had to leave the room, but the best thing we can do frankly is to ignore them as much as possible.”

Europhile campaign group Thank EU For The Music gave out a van full of Brussels standards outside the venue ahead of the finale of the classical concerts, founded in 1895.

Activists boasted that the display sent a “powerful signal to the world that Britain wants back in”.

Mr Farage rejected suggestions the UK will rejoin the EU but warned there is “great disappointment about the execution of Brexit”.

The former Ukip and Brexit Party leader said: “No I don’t think Brexit itself legally is going to be reversed, that’s not the problem.

“The problem is while we may be standing taller on the world stage as an independent country, and that’s beyond doubt, whether it’s the Aukus deal or taking leadership over Ukraine.

“But the problem is domestically people who voted Brexit are not seeing any of the results they expected.

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“One of the reasons we voted Brexit, we saw what was happening in the Mediterranean, and we said these people have made such a mess of this, we want nothing to do with it.

“And yet we’ve got our own version of the Mediterranean that’s happened.

“So that’s one reason why people are disappointed and the other. Millions of people out there doing their absolute best to run their little businesses and they genuinely thought that the heavy hand of bureaucracy and taxation would be lighter outside of the EU.

“Unfortunately under this government in nearly all regards it’s become heavier. So there is great disappointment about the execution of Brexit.”

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