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Woman forced to clean down plane seat after traveller’s ‘unhygienic etiquette’

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Man puts feet on plane passengers armrest during flight

A passenger on a recent flight to Vietnam began to feel ill and “dizzy” after the man behind her put his bare feet up on her armrest.

Pornpreeya Keng, 27, was traveling from Bangkok, Thailand, to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on September 2, according to Viral Press.

While on the flight, Keng smelled something foul – upon looking down to her right, she noticed that the man behind her in the window seat had put his bare foot up on her armrest.

She said the passenger continued to move around, apparently trying to find a comfortable sleeping position.

Keng decided to record the moment on her phone, as she did not want to directly confront the person about his bad manners.

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In the video, the man’s feet can be seen propped up on her armrest. Keng then used a menthol nasal inhaler to try to get rid of the smell of the feet.

She told Viral Press: “I tried to shift in my seat to make him aware of my discomfort, but he didn’t notice me.”

She said she signalled to a flight attendant, who then asked the passenger to remove his feet from the armrest – he eventually complied.

Keng said: “His feet were smelly and dirty – I felt it was unhygienic to have them on the armrest.”

She then wiped down her seat, as seen in the video.

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Keng added that passengers need to educate themselves on “proper flight etiquette” and inform flight attendants in similar situations.

Jacqueline Whitmore, a Florida-based etiquette expert, said the barefoot passenger’s actions were “extremely impolite.”

Whitmore said: “The disgruntled passenger should have either politely asked the man to remove his feet from the armrest immediately or alerted a flight attendant as soon as it was safe to move about the cabin.

“People forget to pack their manners when they travel.”

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