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Lucy Letby can spend £20k profit from house sale on snacks and clothes in jail

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Baby killer Lucy Letby made a £20,000 profit selling her house after being arrested on suspicion of murder.

The evil neonatal nurse bought the three-bed semi in Chester in 2016 for £179,000.

She was first arrested in July 2018 and sold the house for £201,000 in December 2019, Land Registry documents show.

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She will now be allowed to keep the sale proceeds because – unlike people convicted of offences such as selling drugs – she has not “profited” from any of her crimes.

Letby, 33, serving life imprisonment for the murder of seven babies and attempted murder of six others, will be allowed to transfer cash into her prison account so she can buy luxuries like clothes, sweets and fizzy drinks.

Meanwhile, the Daily Star reported Letby was finally caught after a doctor reviewed cases of baby deaths and noticed horrifying details.

Neonatologist and consultant paediatrician Dr Sandie Brohin examined the evidence of infant mortalities at the Countess of Chester Hospital when she was brought in as a witness for the prosecution in Letby's trial.

The healthcare professional found accounts of premature babies “screaming in pain for 30 minutes”.

While analyzing X-rays, Dr. Brohin noticed air bubbles in the babies’ blood vessels, known as embolisms.

According to The Mirror, they said: “I thought, 'It can't be'. I'd never seen anything like that in my career… but nothing else explained it.

“The X-rays were in front of me, several of them, all showing air in the babies' vessels. That's when I thought, 'No, it has to be, and it has to be deliberate'.”

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Each child effectively suffered a heart attack after Letby injected the lethal air into their bloodstream or stomach.

They added it is unusual for premature babies to cry for extended periods, yet nurses' accounts described the newborns screaming for up to 30 minutes.

She described the incident as “unheard of”.

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