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EU pays France €160m to destroy surplus wine as prices ‘collapse’

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The European Union has paid France €160m to destroy surplus wine as prices “collapsed” due to falling sales.

France’s wine surplus has been blamed on a combination factors, including the increasing popularity of craft beer, the cost of living crisis and overproduction. Wine consumption has fallen by as much as34% in some EU countries – while wine production across the bloc rose by 4%.

The EU has now stepped in with a huge payout. The fund, which the French government has topped up to €200m, will be used to buy up unsold wine – with the alcohol it contains set to be used in items such as hand sanitiser, cleaning products and perfume.

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Money will also be made available for winegrowers who to diversify into other crops, such as olives, in a bid to reduce overproduction. France’s Agriculture Minister Marc Fesneau said the aim was to stop “prices collapsing… so that wine-makers can find sources of revenue again”.

Fesneau saidthe wine industry needs to “look to the future, think about consumer changes … and adapt”. The BBC reports that European Commission data shows that, for the year to June,wine consumption has fallen 7% in Italy, 10% in Spain, 15% in France, 22% in Germany and 34% in Portugal.

Meanwhile, wine production across the EU – which is the world’s largest wine-making area – rose 4%.

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