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Moment Putin’s supersonic missiles are obliterated in huge win for Ukraine

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Moment Russian missiles blown up

This is the moment Ukrainian bombs pummelled a Russian missile carrier in a huge win for Zelensky.

Incredible footage, released by Ukraine intelligence services, shows a gigantic plume of smoke rising into the air as a patch of land is lit up in flames.

The film allegedly shows this morning’s attack on one of Putin’s top missile carriers in occupied Crimea.

The coastal anti-ship missile system, before it was obliterated, was understood to be carrying a load of Putin’s deadly supersonic S-400 missiles.

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Ukraine’s attack on the missiles, previously used by Putin to launch full-scale attacks, could be a huge setback for Russia’s war in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence confirmed today that at around 10.00am, an explosion took place near the village of Olenvka, on the Tarkhankut Peninsula in occupied Crimea.

It said today: “As a result of the explosion, the installation itself, the missiles and personnel installed on it were completely destroyed.”

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