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Biggest search for Loch Ness monster since 1972 begins – with cutting edge tech

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    The biggest Loch Ness Monster hunt in more than 50 years began today (Saturday, August 26).

    Hundreds of fans made a beeline for the Scottish Highlands for two days of Nessie-hunting, in a bid to determine once and for all whether there is a dinosaur-like creature lurking in the water.

    Speaking to Sky News, volunteer Craig Gallifrey said: "I believe there is something in the Loch.

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    "There's got to be something that's fuelling the speculation."

    The last time a search of this scale was conducted was in 1972, when the Loch Ness Investigation Bureau studied the waters of the 23-mile lake – but were unable to confirm the existence of the mythical beast.

    A lot has changed since then and organisers from the Loch Ness Centre in Drumnadrochit and the volunteer-led organisation Loch Ness Exploration are pulling out all the stops to give themselves the best chance of spotting the monster.

    Researchers will have access to drones fitted with infrared cameras and a hydrophone to detect unusual underwater sounds, giving them previously inaccessible info on Nessie's potential movements.

    "I wanted to take part because I thought it was just a brilliant opportunity and just great to be part of the legend," Gallifrey continued.

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    "It's great to be part of that whole experience."

    A spokesperson for the Loch Ness Centre said: "Volunteers' safety is of course a priority during the quest.

    "All viewing points are on land, and volunteers will be briefed by organisers each morning on suitable viewing points to ensure their safety."

    Meanwhile Alan McKenna, of Loch Ness Exploration, previously noted: "It's our hope to inspire a new generation of Loch Ness enthusiasts and by joining this large scale surface watch, you'll have a real opportunity to personally contribute towards this fascinating mystery that has captivated so many people from around the world."

    The weekend search may have only just begun, but exciting discoveries have already been made.

    Earlier this week TikToker Paige Daley, who runs the channel @lochnessmonsterofficial, uncovered a network of secret caves she speculated could be Nessie's underwater lair.

    "There were multiple entrances and it was clear that these were linked up to each other within the hillside," she said of the find.

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    "There was no apparent sign of life in the caves, but then again, it was just a black watery abyss close to the loch."

    The legend of Nessie dates back to the Middle Ages and is thought to have begun when the Irish monk St Columba encountered a creature in the Ness, a river that flows from Loch Ness.

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