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Posh village fumes over call centre turned haven for drug use and ‘sexual acts’

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    A posh Greater Manchester town has been left seething after a derelict call centre in the area became awash with youths taking drugs and engaging in sex acts.

    People on the leafy Coppice Estate in Stockport complain they regularly have to call emergency services because of dodgy dealings in the empty office buildings, the Manchester Evening News reports.

    Documents from the council's Community Safety Unit say the centre is now a haven for "young people engaging in underage drinking, drug taking and sexual acts" and add the site is also a hub for vandalism.

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    Locals have noticed it too – Justin Atkinson, 54, said he'd seen children as young as 11 entering the buildings, with one even trying to squeeze under the fence.

    "[It] is an absolute blot on the landscape. It’s not in keeping with anything in the area.

    "It’s a death trap. I’m just sick of it in all honesty."

    The site was formerly home to the business Call 24/7 but was abandoned in 2010.

    It has since been left boarded up with shards of shattered glass lining the ground outside. In some of the buildings residents can even see the interior blackened from fires lit by vandals.

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    Fed-up nearby residents are now sick of the trouble caused by the former office block and are calling for something to be done with it – and some are even looking to leave because of it.

    "I tried to sell my house five years ago but I couldn’t because of the site," Atkinson added.

    A number of suggestions have been made to turn the buildings into something new, including a care home.

    But while some residents want the block used for good, others are simply concerned for local children who may be spending their time in the derelict buildings engaging in illegal activities.

    One resident said: "I’ve called emergency services on numerous occasions. […] My concern is for the kids rather than what is going on with the development."

    Neighbourhood Sgt Jason Holmwood of Greater Manchester Police said of the site: "It is a derelict site that we are aware of and discuss at the ward meetings every three weeks. There has not been any reports for some months about issues taking place there.

    "It is one of a number of derelict sites that is on patrol plan for the neighbourhood team. I have regular engagement with the council."

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