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Twisted Lucy Letby’s dying days behind bars from suicide watch to solitary cell

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Sick baby murderer Lucy Letby will spend the rest of her life behind bars, with no chance of ever coming out.

Although the place where she will rot for killing seven and attempting to murder another six has not yet been officially confirmed, it has been suspected it will be HMP Bronzefield in Surrey, as she has already been there since being arrested more than five years ago.

So what will the former nurse's life look like inside Europe's largest women's prison?

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The Category A woman's prison in Surrey has developed a reputation as one of the UK's most violent women's institutions and has a veritable collection of infamous inmates to its name including Rose West, Roshonara Choudhry, and the murderer of Baby P Tracy Connelly.

HMP Bronzefield is the largest female prison in the country and has a capacity of 527 inmates – many of whom have been jailed for despicable things.

Inmates at the sprawling mega jail have said violence is commonplace within its walls and have even claimed some women have had boiling water thrown over their faces.

In 2020, former prisoner Sophie Campbell made a series of shocking allegations about the facility including that some prisoners gave sexual favours to guards for better treatment.

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She said: "I couldn’t believe how offenders were treated by the officers.

"You wonder how they got away with a lot of it – neglecting inmates in their cells, depriving them of their meals, not giving them much-needed medical attention, or being too rough during searches.

"Violence is everywhere."

Sophie was able to leave the facility at the end of her two-year sentence for GBH but many other women remain in the prison, many of whom will never be released – one of which is now Lucy Letby.

  • Baby killer Lucy Letby likely to be on 'suicide watch' with 'eyes on her 24/7'

It is likely Letby will be given a rough time by other inmates after becoming the most prolific child serial killer in modern British history while working at the Countess of Chester Hospital neonatal unit between 2015 and 2016.

She is rumoured to be placed in solitary confinement for her own protection and will most likely be on 24-hour suicide watch.

The Prison Oracle website editor Mark Leech, an ex-offender who spent 14 years in 62 different jails, says Letby's future is bleak.

"She'll be what's known as a 'restricted status' prisoner – the female equivalent of Category A," he said.

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"She'll be on suicide watch and it will be some time before she gets to mingle with the main prison population – at least six months.

"Her life for much of the next few years is going to be a lonely one.

"She'll associate mostly with prison officers, her key worker and one or two cleaners, but much of that interaction will be through the hatch in her cell door.

"She won't be able to do much other than read newspapers or books and watch TV and she'll get one hour of exercise by herself each day.

"She will be able to phone her family and receive visits from them, but the police will have to vet them first.''

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