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New boat crossings 2023 ‘record’ as 800 migrants reportedly arrive in one day

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GB News: Home and Security Editor discusses channel crossings 21/08

Britain has seen a new record high number for migrant crossings in a single day, according to figures from GB News’ Home Affairs editor.

Mark White reports 16 small boats crossed the Channel today, carrying around 800 migrants.

That would smash the previous record set on August 10 of 755 by nearly 50 additional arrivals.

The Home Affairs editor warned numbers will remain extraordinarily high throughout the rest of the week, especially on Wednesday and Thursday when Border Force is on red alert thanks to expected low winds.

The UK is yet to see any 1,000+ days this year, though that number wasn’t reached until October in 2022.

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Nigel Farage sounded downcast at the hope Britain will ever seen an end to the numbers, saying “well it doesn’t matter whether the Home Secretary is Priti Patel or Suella Braverman, it doesn’t matter whether Boris Johnson is the PM or indeed Rishi Sunak”.

“They keep telling us they’re going to stop the boats and I keep saying they will not on their current trajectory do anything like that.

“Indeed Labour have pretty much nothing to offer either.”

Mr White said the “chaos” in the Channel began in the early hours at 2.30am with a Border Force catamaran arriving at Dover harbour with the first group of migrants that had been picked up from the middle of the Channel.

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He warned Border Force is expecting a “run of Red Days” – “its own internal red alert mechanism”, which will put them on a war footing to ensure they have enough resources and are prepared for mass arrivals.

“I’m told winds will be very light indeed to the point we’re expecting very significant numbers to cross the channel”.

Mr Farage said the whole thing “is a complete and utter, total racket, and there’s no sign of courageous leadership to drag us out of it”.

Earlier today Rishi Sunak suggested he won’t ‘stop the boats’ by the time of the General Election – one of his top five pledges.

He told reporters: “I am not complacent. I never said this would be easy. I never said it could be fixed overnight”.

“We are going to attack it from every angle and not stop until we are done,”

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