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Hundreds flee homes as wildfires rage through another holiday island

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Europe faces wildfires and drought after heatwave

Since the early hours of August 6, a relentless series of wildfires has been raging across the picturesque region of Monte Longu di Posada in Sardinia, Italy. Emergency services are battling to contain the flames but the situation remains dire.

Fuelled by the notorious mistral wind, the inferno has shown no mercy, rapidly advancing towards popular tourist spots like Siniscola and the ‘La Caletta’ seaside resort, leaving authorities with no choice but to evacuate numerous residents and holidaymakers. The scenes of chaos and devastation are heartwrenching.

In the face of this unprecedented disaster, 600 people in the area between Monte Longu and San Giovanni have been forced to evacuate their homes, fearing for their safety. And that’s not all – for precautionary measures, authorities have closed a critical section of the state road between Siniscola and Olbia, causing major disruption to travel and transportation.

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Determined to quell the flames, brave firefighters from the Nuoro Provincial Command have been battling relentlessly on the frontlines. They have deployed six teams, consisting of 30 courageous firefighters and 12 robust vehicles, to combat the blazes head-on. Additionally, regional civil protection teams have called upon their mighty Canadair aircraft to provide aerial support in the fight against the firestorm.

While the north is grappling with the ferocity of the wildfires, the southern region near Feraxi has not been spared either. The fires have left a trail of destruction, leaving four farms in ruins and decimating vast stretches of the lush countryside and citrus groves in the area. The iconic Molentargius pond, a sanctuary for biodiversity and a protected wetland area between Cagliari and Quartu Sant’Elena, has also fallen victim to the flames, sustaining severe damage.

Amidst the chaos and devastation, suspicions about the origin of the fires have been raised. Salvatore Piu, the mayor of Muravera, has voiced his doubts about the possibility of spontaneous combustion.

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Expressing his deep concern for the region’s future, Mayor Piu declared a state of emergency and vowed to leave no stone unturned in finding those responsible for this catastrophe. The municipality plans to file a complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office against unknown individuals, demanding severe punishment for their actions.

The impact of the wildfires has been felt at the highest levels of the Sardinian government.

Christian Solinas, the President of the Region of Sardinia, has already taken decisive action, calling upon national civil protection authorities to reinforce the aerial firefighting fleet.

In an effort to coordinate relief efforts and receive international assistance, Solinas has also activated the European civil protection mechanism.‌

The fires in Sardinia follow horrific wildfires in Rhodes and Corfu in Greece earlier this summer. 

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