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Britain to see summer comeback as temperatures set to reach 27C later this week

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Britain is set to see a summer comeback later this week, as temperatures are set to reach as high as 27C.

Weather maps are expected to turn red on Thursday (August 10), particularly in London and parts of the Midlands, which are expected to see the majority of the warm weather.

According to reports, the shift in weather could be due to the extreme heatwaves experienced in parts of Europe, with France seeing highs of 36C.

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The rest of the UK will see temperatures peaking in the mid-20sC while Scotland and Northern Ireland will experience cooler weather sitting at around 20C.'s long range forecast — covering the period from August 7 to August 29 — shows brief, settled spells around the middle of the month.

The forecast read: "Temperatures are forecast to be slightly above average for the UK as a whole due to the warm weather in Week 3, with positive anomalies of around 1C near North Sea coasts, but nearer 0.5C in most other regions. Western areas may come out very close to the normal.

"Rainfall totals are expected to be mostly above normal, but it does not look likely to be as wet overall as we have seen during July.

"Sunshine totals are also likely to be closer to normal than we have seen during July, with the most likely outcome being close to or slightly above average sunshine in most eastern areas, but it again looks likely to be cloudier than average overall in most western areas."

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