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Jailed burglar mocked for uncanny resemblance to Abraham Lincoln and Spock

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A burglar has got Facebook users debating who he resembles the most from former US President Abraham Lincoln to Santa’s elf.

Sam Proctor, 33, was jailed for three years after raiding a property in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, where he stole a Rolex watch and expensive power tools.

But after police released his mug shot, people flocked to social media to poke fun at him for resembling the 16th President of the United States.

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And it’s not just the historical American leader that social media users thought Procor was the spitting image of.

Mr Tumnus from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was put forward as another of his doppelgangers as well as one of Santa’s elves and Spock.

Ele Chilton-Jones wrote on Facebook: "Good god!!! it's Mr Tumnus from Narnia!!! Ear ear whats that you say?"

Sophie Folland added: "What in the Mr Tumnus is that?"

Lucy Anderson wrote: "Has anyone informed the chief elf of his arrest???? The Elf elders will be livid."

Dave Howard said: "Cross between Abraham Lincoln and Spock".

Steve Hawkins commented: "Not enough!! Judge should have given him 4 score and 7 years."

Lewy Seymour put: "Was he in lord of the rings?" while Kirsty KD added: "Santa called – he wants his elf back elf."

Warwickshire Police also mocked the lookalike, describing how his pockets were so full he "jingled" as he fled the scene of a burglary on February 9.

A homeowner had returned from work to notice his window and rear door had been forced open while he was out.

He then discovered that a Rolex wristwatch and several premium power tools were missing and contacted police.

Officers linked the burglary to an earlier report of a man walking through another resident’s garden with his pockets so full of items that he was ‘jingling’.

The man was quickly recognised by a detective as Proctor and officers searched his home to find the clothes and trainers he had been seen wearing on the day.

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Proctor was arrested but declined to comment saying only “I didn’t do none of those that you’re alleging I’ve done.”

Proctor was jailed for three years and ordered to pay £222 to the victim at Warwick Crown Court on July 28.

Detective Constable Gore said after the case: “It is extraordinary that a very small number of people feel they can invade someone else’s home and help themselves to other people’s things.

“We know how upsetting this is for victims and that’s why, as a force, we are prioritising catching burglars.

“The message is simple. Break into someone’s home and we will do everything we can to get you locked up.”

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