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World’s hottest scientist disgusted as snake excretes white substance on hand

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    The so-called hottest scientist in the world once again got hands on with a snake, but admitted that she couldn't stand its "awful" smell.

    Stunning Rosie Moore has earned herself a huge following on Instagram for her fascinating posts with animals including snakes and sharks.

    The 26-year-old geoscientist does not shy away from things most people would run miles from – and she proved that in her latest post on the social media site.

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    "I'm not going to lie, I think he just musked on me and it smells really bad. It's wet, that smells awful," she says in a video where she clutches a Bimini Boa snake.

    In the accompanying caption she explained: "Worst snake musk I’ve ever experienced. The Bimini Boa (also understandably known as the fowl snake).

    "Snake musk is usually a white or off-white color and is typically milky and oily. Snakes can and may release musk for a variety of reasons, including to deter predators.

    "Different species have different smelling musk, and their propensity to musk varies as well."

    Snake musk is a by-product of the snake’s digestive system. It’s released from their cloaca, which is the snake’s posterior opening.

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    Waste products are also released from a snake’s cloaca.

    Their musk smell has been likened to rotten egg, dead fish, rotting, or skunk gas.

    One commenter on Moore's video said the musk smells so bad that they'd "rather be bitten than musked".

    "Any reptile musk. Oooof," added another fan.

    After a third person told Moore that "tomato juice and vinegar are the only things that help with musk", she responded with: "lol I just accepted the smell".

    The Bimini Boa is native to the Bahamas and can grow up to eight feet long by feeding on rats and birds.

    And Rosie's mix of adventures and modelling pictures – and sometimes both in the same post – have seen her amass almost 90,000 followers on Instagram.

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    Rosie, who has also been dubbed 'Steve Irwin with nails', describes herself as a wildlife expert, geoscientist, photographer, master diver and model on her official website.

    Moore works in the public sector for the city of Delray on Florida’s southeast coast in the water resource management industry.

    Her nine to five usually includes getting up close with weird and wonderful animals.

    Moore specialises in working with sharks and reptiles but tapped into a niche market when she started diving with the deep sea apex predators.

    Though the 26-year-old also has a rather different income stream, generated through posting sexy snaps in a bikini.

    "There's a little niche for girls that can free dive well to model with sharks or underwater, so I started meeting up with photographers for some product shoots and things like that," she explained to Business Insider.

    "I also do other things on the side, including python hunting, shark diving, and tagging of various species like alligators."

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