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Blow-up pub dubbed ‘Air Of The Dog’ pumped up after village’s only boozer closes

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    Gutted locals have mourned the loss of their boozer by pumping up an inflatable pub to get their pints from.

    The people of Allhallows, Kent, have been forced into the horrific situation of being left without an inn to call their own after the closure of the British Pilot – and as such have decided to take matters into their own hands.

    The Air of The Dog has been pumped up in lieu of bricks and mortar, set up by former bar manager Rich Martin.

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    The Pilot was permanently shuttered during Covid but now the pop-up pub, which inflates on Fridays, has proved so popular there are plans to make it into a regular fixture.

    It started off as a two-patron pint shop in Rich’s garden but has since become a bastion of the community – especially after some claimed they weren’t welcome at the nearby Haven Holiday camp.

    “A village needs a pub," said former bar manager Rich, 36.

    “All the pubs were shut and my dad likes a beer," Mr Martin said, "So I bought him an inflatable pub for the garden.

    “When the restrictions began to be lifted, we got a few people over, and it just spiralled from there."

    He’s now the proud owner of three inflatable pubs after his business gained momentum and has even featured on ITV reality show The Only Way Is Essex.

    Rachelle Freeguard, an Allhallows Parish Councillor and trustee of the Cross Park Association, which is where the pub pitches up, said: "People have been moaning ever since the British Pilot closed, and now they have been told they can’t go to the Haven Holiday Park for a drink either.

    "I’m not a big drinker, but there’s literally nothing here.

    "A pub brings the community together."

    The Air of The Dog is pumped each Friday in Allhallows from 6:30pm to 10:30pm.

    Rich added: “The pandemic has been a really difficult time for pubs, and the cost of living crisis.

    “We’re just taking the hit at the moment, keeping the prices the same but it will get to the point where we can’t do that anymore.

    “Pubs bring communities together. The comments we get are all positive: everyone reminiscing and telling stories about the town.

    “It just brings everyone together. Pubs are so important for communities and people’s mental health and wellbeing.

    “Everyone just gets stuck indoors, otherwise.”

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