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Majorca tourist poos on the face of a sleeping man in disgusting video

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A Dutch tourist was seen defecating on the face of a sleeping man on a beach in Majorca. The video, shared by a Dutch visitor on social media has quickly gone viral.

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The sickening video shows a Dutch man a little drunk, but sober enough to walk, encountering another man who was asleep on a beach in Palma de Mallorca.

Instead of waking him up or simply walking past him, the Dutch man decided to defecate on his face while laughing loudly while another friend filmed him.

‌”It’s the sickest thing I’ve ever experienced,” the text accompanying the video reads.

The sleeping man is completely oblivious, which makes the first man pull away and take a second “dump” and then zoom in and film a close-up of the feces on the other man’s face.

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Excessive drinking causes not only many new inhabitants of the island to turn up not knowing where they are, but also others to lose a modicum of civic manners even if they are slightly more aware.

Majorca is one of the popular destinations for beach lovers looking to witness gorgeous sunsets.

However, local residents are upset with tourism from northern Europe, and on top of that, they are waiting for the big bulk of tourism from the Netherlands to arrive. 

The scatological images of a video of young Dutch people in the Arenal that have been circulating in the last few hours in social networks have exhausted the patience of the residents.

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Alain Cabonell, vice-president of the Arenal Neighbourhood Association said: “It’s the famous Dutch tourism, which normally comes from August 1 to 31. 

“But like the other tourist markets, this year they have come early.”

The straw that broke the camel’s back, already overflowing from the early start of the drunken tourist season, was the publication of a video of a Dutch tourist sleeping on the beach after a day of drinking and another compatriot defecating on his face.

Mr Cabonell added: “This is happening in the urban area of Arenal. They are already very wild: they are very drunk, very stoned and brutally aggressive.”

The association denounced a few weeks ago that the low-cost German tourists who have arrived in this destination are already doing so without booking hotels and on express trips of 24 or 48 hours just to drink alcohol bought in supermarkets.

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