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Grandma devastated as £5,000-worth of savings eaten by termites in cardboard box

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A grandmother has been left devastated after her life savings were destroyed by pests.

The Malaysian woman had approximately £5,115 (RM30,000) hidden in a cardboard box.

But she recently discovered that her carefully collected banknotes were little more than shredded paper after termites attacked the box.

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An image of the shredded cash was shared on Facebook by the woman's grandson Khairul Azhar on Monday (July 24).

Khairul, who lives in Kelantan, Malaysia, explained his grandmother had spent years saving for her pilgrimage to Mecca in 2024.

He added that sadly half of the bank notes were beyond saving but he plans to take the remaining notes to the Central Bank of Malaysia in the hope they will offer a replacement for them.

Khairul joked that perhaps this was fate's way of telling his grandmother that she was not destined to go to Mecca.

He added the lesson to be learnt from this episode was not to store such amounts of money at home, as reported by AsiaOne.

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The post has so far received more than 260 comments and over 650 shares.

Many users were devastated for the elderly woman, but others boasted that it was her own fault for storing the savings in such a way.

One Facebook user said a better option would have been to keep the money in a biscuit tin.

Many suggested exchanging the cash for gold bars because even depositing money in banks would leave one susceptible to scams.

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