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Rishi blasts Labour on migration and warns UK ‘this is what we’re up against’

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Rishi Sunak clashes with Diana Johnson over small boats

Rishi Sunak has blasted the Labour Party and lawyers for helping to support the current cruel system that allows people smugglers to keep making money from human suffering.

The Prime Minister caused outrage on social media by boldly accusing the Labour Party, lawyers and criminal gangs of “all being on the same side” as he added: “This is what we’re up against.”

He blasted them for “propping up a system of exploitation that profits from getting people to the UK illegally”, but warned he’s got a plan to finally put a stop to it.

The provocative tweet sparked outrage from the left, despite Labour recently accusing the Prime Minister of personally allowing child abusers to walk free from prison.

The bold language also comes shortly after it was reported Rishi Sunak will ramp up a ‘divide and rule strategy’ from September, one year before the expected election.

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On Saturday the Times reported Mr Sunak is preparing to launch a “more aggressive political campaign in an attempt to shift Labour’s lead in the polls”.

An ally told the paper Mr Sunak will “explain his vision for the country he wants to create”.

“It will mean tough fights, it will mean more political edge.”

Mr Sunak’s tweet was in response to a Daily Mail report that some asylum lawyers are charging £10,000 to help illegal migrants make fake refugee applications.

Their special investigation exposed staff at immigration law firms offered to invent “a horrific back story to use in the asylum application”.

The legal adviser also promised he could get a doctored doctor report to back up ‘evidence’ of torture, including an anti-depressant prescription to be given to the Home Office as proof of psychological trauma.

Another lawyer told the undercover reporter that he should lie to the Home Office and say “his life is in danger back home” if he were to be deported.

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Mr Sunak said: “The Labour Party, a subset of lawyers, criminal gangs – they’re all on the same side”.

Emily Thornberry, Sir Keir Starmer’s shadow Attorney General, said Mr Sunak’s tweet showed he is “willing to demean” the office of Prime Minister.

Tory deputy chairman Lee Anderson hit back at Ms Thornberry, however, telling the Express that Rishi Sunak “is only saying what the vast majority of decent Brits are thinking”.

“If Emily or any other out of touch Labour MP think that we should not call out those supporting illegal immigration then they need to leave the Westminster bubble and visit the real world.”

He suggested that this constituency, Ashfield, “is quite nice this time of year”.

He provided a list of things the government is doing to stop the boats, including their Illegal Migration Bill that means you can’t claim asylum if you come to the UK legally.

Jeremy Corbyn’s former shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott said the tweet from the Prime Minister was “horrible”.

However top Red Wall Tory Brendan Clarke-Smith said the PM had “hit the nail on the head” with his bolshy language.

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