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China ‘supplying Russia with massive military’ aid threatening ‘world stability’

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Nigel Farage slams continued foreign aid being sent to China

French officials have claimed that China is providing non-lethal military aid to Russia, including essential equipment such as helmets, armour, and dual-use technologies.

The revelation has raised concerns among Western countries about China’s involvement in the ongoing conflict.

Emmanuel Bonne, an adviser to French President Emmanuel Macron, disclosed that China is allegedly “delivering massively military capacities to Russia”, further intensifying the global apprehension over the extent of China’s support to Moscow.

Despite mounting suspicions, when asked for concrete evidence of China’s involvement, Bonne explained that there are “indications that they are doing things we would prefer them not to do”.

The lack of clarity surrounding China’s actions has added to the complexity of the geopolitical situation.

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“We need them to understand that Ukraine is a conflict of global magnitude and that we cannot offer Ukraine to lose for reasons of principle, but also for reasons which are very operational,” Bonne told CNN.

“And what is at stake for us in Ukraine is much more than, you know, Ukraine sovereignty.

“It’s very much about the stability of the world.”

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This is not the first time such concerns have been raised. Back in February, Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State, expressed worries about Beijing’s potential plan to provide Moscow with weapons, highlighting the potential risks such support might pose to regional stability.

In a previous report by the Wall Street Journal on February 4, it was revealed that China had indeed supplied Russia’s army with military equipment, despite existing sanctions. According to customs records, Chinese state-owned companies reportedly offered navigation equipment, jamming technology, and fighter-jet parts to Moscow, further fuelling suspicions about China’s role in the conflict.

Even the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has weighed in on the matter, with CIA Director Bill Burns asserting that China is considering providing Russia with lethal arms, potentially adding a new dimension to the conflict’s dynamics.

However, in April, Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang denied these allegations, refuting claims that China was involved in selling weaponry to either side of the Russia-Ukraine war.

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