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Apocalyptic post-human world envisioned by YouTuber as eerie crumbling inferno

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Absolute devastation of the planet and the complete disappearance of humanity could prove quite the mad future, as one YouTuber has shown.

A series of images and footage produced by the content creator showcases what the Earth would happen should humanity vanish entirely.

Should the entire 7.88billion strong population of the planet disappear in an instant, the long-term effects on landmarks across the world could be devastating, and fascinating as YouTube channel Aperture found.

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The "post human society" was documented in a series of generated images, with grim results for the people-less planet, with a timeline showing how the world would descend into a fiery disaster filled with animals.

Naturally the immediate effect of every single person disappearing would be a traffic jam worse than Friday rush hour, with desolate and crumbling vehicles scattered along the road.

Fossil fuel power plants would soon find themselves unable to refuel, with global blackouts plunging the planet into darkness.

This lack of population and the eventual grinding to a halt of electric supplies would see, according to Aperture, the animal kingdom and vegetation take over the streets.

Power outages would of course mean those creatures locked in zoos could take a shot at freedom, and leap out into the once densely populated towns and cities.

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It is not all rosy exploration for various four-legged friends though, as the video handily points out a succession of nuclear power plant explosions just 10 days into the disappearance of humanity.

A total of 440 nuclear power stations would set off what would be the world's worst nuclear disaster, with the radioactive smoke spreading across the globe, killing plants, animals and anything attempting to avoid radiation poisoning.

Decades on from those power plant explosions would be the eventual flooding of cities like London and Amsterdam, while key landmarks around the world would crumble.

France's iconic Eifel Tower would, according to the YouTube channel, collapse after a few hundred years, rotting away and folding in on itself.

So too would the Statue of Liberty, as well as whole bridges and skyscrapers across the world.

Three decades in total is all it takes for man-made satellites within Earth's orbit to crash right back down to the ground they were first launched from.

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Drained batteries first built into the satellites would prove fatal for those communication relays, meaning whatever sparse life is left on Earth after the radiation expansion would be hard pressed to find a working television.

After all that hassle, insect populations will have "fully recovered" from the nuclear fallout and would "be thriving" due to the lack of man-made pesticides.

Over the course of a century, the channel predicted a population boom for the entire animal kingdom, meaning more animals in every category over the course of 100 years.

After 100,000,000 years, the only remaining evidence of humans, the video claims, would be "shards of plastic and Mount Rushmore".

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