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Brits warned killer Cerberus heatwave to melt Europe with hottest day ever

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The hottest temperature ever recorded in Europe is expected to hit within days, as even British sun-chasers jetting off for Summer holidays next week are panicking about a sweltering 48c heatwave on its way.

The heatwave currently engulfing southern Europe has been called Cerberus – after the underworld monster from Dante’s Inferno – and has been tipped to break temperature records in a number of countries.

A British tourist has already collapsed in Rome. Elsewhere in Lodi, south-east of Milan, a 44-year-old road sign worker collapsed and died as the mercury surpassed 40C.

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And it is now set to tip the temperature scales at a whopping 48c.

The horrifically hot weather has come from the Sahara, moving into southern Europe via an anticyclone that has caused huge wildfires to take over Croatia in the process.

Red alerts have been issued for 10 cities in Italy, including Rome, and some parts of Spain are also expecting to be placed under alerts as the system moves there next week.

Many Brits have been warned over the conditions as many will head to some of these destinations on holiday soon.

Earlier this week, Jim Dale, Senior Meteorological Consultant at British Weather Services, told the Daily Star that several popular tourists destinations are going to be breaking records during the heatwave.

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He said: “I'm talking everywhere from Greece and Turkey through to North Africa, Tunisia, Algeria, through Spain, Sardinia, Corsica, Italy, Malta – these areas are all in for potential records.

“Temperatures generally in those areas, 35-40C. Obviously depending where you are, but the likes of Cordoba, Seville, parts of Sicily – all of those into the boiler. Really and truly into the boiler.

“Obviously a lot of holidaymakers are going down there, they’re going to hit a real heat fan.

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“I would expect wildfires to start breaking out, that haven't already started.

“And that's going to last a good part of this week into the weekend."

However, for those staying in the UK, the heatwave is having the opposite impact and is actually pushing cold weather our way.

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Climate change expert Dr Melissa Lazenby claimed that higher winds around the country are essentially batting the heatwave away, which is why we're feeling the chill while the rest of Europe melts.

Speaking to the Independent, she said: “The UK at the moment is not experiencing the same high temperatures as the rest of Europe and that is mainly due to the placement of the current high-pressure system.

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"This does not cover the UK and is situated further south which provides stable atmospheric conditions for enhanced warming and resulting heatwaves.

“You will notice the higher winds which are not associated with a high-pressure feature and therefore not allowing conducive heatwave conditions explaining why UK temperatures are not anomalously warm like the rest of Europe.

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