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EU has no option but to admit Brexit is a success

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Make no mistake, Brexit will be Britain’s saviour. The Brexit vision to “take back control” is now gaining traction across Europe.

Donald Tusk, who mocked the Brexiteers for such a simplistic slogan back in 2016, and who said Brexiteers had a “special place in hell” when he was European Council President, has now adopted the Brexit slogan as he hits the campaign trail in a bid to become Poland’s next PM.

“Poles” he said, “must regain control over their country and its borders,” before criticising the Law and Justice party for failing to stop migrants from Islamic countries arriving in Poland. What a hypocrite

Perhaps Tusk’s vitriol and condescension those few short years ago was not because Brexiteers were wrong, but rather that he could see they were right, and he realised the restrictions enforced by the EU were creating huge issues that would encourage other countries to want to peel away from the European Union project.

Only now that he’s left his cosy, well-paid job at the EU can he voice his thoughts. Isn’t it amazing how many politicians find their principles once they leave office?

Concern about migration and taking back control isn’t limited to Poland. Look at all the main players in the EU – Italy, Spain, France and Germany – and see how the voting public there is deserting their pro-EU parties in search of those who will show them a way out of their problems by “taking back control”.

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Italy has elected a right-wing coalition led by a post-Fascist party, and whilst Giorgia Meloni has not yet rocked the EU boat, it will undoubtedly be on the cards if the European Central Bank stops absorbing Italian debt.

Germany, now in recession, is furious with the ECB for holding interest rates low for too long, and for continuing with quantitative easing. The fault lines are quickly appearing across the EU.

In France, the riots demonstrate the frustration of the public, pushing Marine Le Pen up the popularity stakes. Recent polls suggest that she would win up to 55 percent of the vote. Spain too is almost certain to swing to the conservative Partido party.

Britain was right to do Brexit. It did it in the most orderly way, through a public vote and through a democratic process.

We need to take advantage of our hard-won and new-found freedoms before the rest of the EU copy us and catch up.

What we mustn’t do, is what Keir Starmer and the Labour Europhiles want, and try to get us back under EU control.

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HS2 claims another victim

In a move which says all you need to know about this white elephant project, the chief executive of the company overseeing HS2 Mark Thurston will soon be stepping down from the £617,000-a-year job which he’s had since 2018.

This comes after the two latest damning reports by the National Audit Office and Public Accounts Committee on the failures, delays and cost overruns of this disastrous project.

We need to stop HS2 – as even those at the top are now deserting the sinking ship.

Huw Edwards should have outed himself

Why did it take Huw Edwards’s wife to end the speculation swirling around about him? Why didn’t Huw do it himself? A man who breaks news stories every night of his life left it to someone else to reveal this story.

His wife, Vicky Flind, a TV editor for Peston, did the right thing, for Huw and her family. She clearly knew the pretend anonymity was unsustainable – with a third of the population, according to a poll, knowing who it was.

But this has clearly been another failure at the BBC – given the number of crises they have dealt with over the years, you would have thought they would stop making a mess of them.

Texas shows the rest of the world how to go

If Texas was a country, its economy would be the eighth biggest in the world. It is climbing up the global ranks, only recently rising from ninth to eighth, now standing a smidge behind France, with 95 percent of its GDP from a population half the size.

Texas has managed to do this by following conservative policies of low tax and minimal state interference.

There is a very simple lesson to learn here – pursue conservative pro-business principles and policies and thrive economically, follow a socialist path and go bust.

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