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Putin humiliated as Russia ‘almost certainly struggling’ with medical provision

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Russian tank targeted on frontline in Ukraine

A new intelligence brief by the British Ministry of Defence has laid bare the state of Vladimir Putin’s army and argued many Russian deaths may have been prevented.

The MoD believes the Russian army is “almost certainly struggling” as it lacks personnel providing emergency medical treatment to people on active duties.

The briefing shared on Monday read: “Russia is almost certainly struggling with a crisis of combat medical provision, after suffering an average of around 400 casualties a day for 17 months.

“The influx of military casualties has likely undermined the normal provision of some Russian civilian medical services, especially in border regions near Ukraine.

“It is likely that many dedicated military hospitals are being reserved for officer casualties.”

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The intel continued to cite the head of the Kalashnikov company’s combat medicine training division, who claimed “up to 50 percent of Russian combat fatalities” could have likely “been prevented with proper first aid”.

Finally, the briefing said: “Very slow casualty evacuation, combined with the inappropriate use of the crude in-service Russian combat tourniquet, is reportedly a leading cause of preventable fatalities and amputations.”

This comes as two independent Russian media outlets have looked into the true human cost of the invasion of Ukraine, which started more than 500 days ago.

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Publications Mediazona and Meduza worked with a data scientist from Germany’s Tübingen University to analyse Russian data and provide a likely estimate of the war deaths suffered by the country.

By analysing cemeteries and records of inheritance cases filed with the Russian authorities among other data, the publication found that by May 27, up to 47,000 excess deaths of men below the age of 50 had been recorded.

Russia has publicly acknowledged the deaths of some 6,000 soldiers only since it launched its full-scale invasion in February last year.

This comes as Ukraine is more than a month into its counter-offensive and Kyiv has claimed to have made “consolidating gains”.

Ukraine’s troops seized back more than 74 square miles of territory from Putin’s army on the southeastern front.

Ukrainian military chiefs also claimed Russian soldiers are “trapped” in the much-contended city of Bakhmut, which had previously been sieged by Wagner forces.

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