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‘I’m ridiculed for revealing the future – my gifts are a blessing and a curse’

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A psychic has bemoaned how he’s had to struggle with the “burden” of his gift in the face of “criticism and scepticism”.

Brazilian seer Athos Salomé, dubbed the “Living Nostradamus”, previously predicted France would face Argentina in the World Cup Final, the Queen’s death, the invasion of Ukraine and Covid-19.

Now the investigative paranormal has opened up about the realities of living with his “gift” in the face of so many naysayers.

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Speaking to the Daily Star in the third person, he said: “From an early age, Athos Salomé manifested uncommon abilities that defied conventional explanations.

“His heightened sensitivity and exceptional intuition allowed him to grasp information beyond the reach of most people. However, this gift also became a burden."

Athos says he often found himself surrounded by "disbelief and scepticism", as people questioned his visions and the insights he brought forth.

Despite this though, the 36-year-old stayed the course and followed his own intuition.

Athos said: “Despite the challenges faced, Athos Salomé never wavered.

“He embraced his gift and understood that his purpose was to help others, regardless of acceptance or doubt he encountered along the way.”

The medium went into detail about what it is that motivates him to keep going – even in the face of disbelief and scepticism.

“Athos firmly believes that his visions can offer guidance and enlightenment, even to those who initially doubt their authenticity.

“Recognition as a seer is an ongoing challenge for Athos Salomé. In a world that demands tangible and empirical evidence, it is difficult for people to believe in something that transcends the boundaries of conventional reason.”

Crucially, it is the people who do see him and need his guidance that keep him going.

“He recognises that despite criticism and scepticism, there will always be those who are open to seeing beyond the obvious,” he added.

“Fame carries a significant emotional and psychological burden, as Athos must navigate the responsibility of meeting his followers' expectations while also confronting the scepticism of those who remain incredulous.”

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