Thu. Sep 28th, 2023


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Denver weather: Thunderstorms ahead for July 4 afternoon, evening

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A wave of thunderstorms is expected to pass over the Front Range Tuesday, likely putting a damper on outdoor July 4 festivities.

A series of scattered thunderstorms will blow across the Denver area in the afternoon and evening Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service at Boulder. Some of the storms may be severe, with the main threats being hail, heavy rain and localized flooding, said meteorologist Caitlyn Mensch.

The storms are expected to start forming in the early afternoon, with some early storms possible by 1 p.m., she said. The scattered bad weather will then continue through the afternoon. Most areas are likely to see pockets of sunshine and blue skies in between storms.

Mensch said those taking part in outdoor July 4 activities should keep an eye on the sky and have a plan to dash indoors if thunder rolls.

“Don’t let your guard down for sure,” she said. “Definitely since they’re possible during that firework, festivity time frame, plan accordingly and have something in mind of where to take cover if you need to.”

She added that the thunderstorms are expected to blow through, rather than sit over one area.

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