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British TikToker hacks all-inclusive deal on holiday to keep pints flowing

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A British TikToker discovered an ingenious hack to keep the drinks flowing after hours whilst on holiday with their family in Greece.

The family discovered there was a “secret window” in their hotel room that led into a bar, giving them 24-hour access to drinks.

Following the discovery, the TikToker posted footage from the hotel, thought to be in Crete, where it has been viewed over five million times.

Fellow users responded to the video in amazement as they joked about the unique feature in the couple’s room.

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Under the video, they wrote: “When the all-inclusive finishes at 11 but you have a secret window in your hotel room. Of all the rooms to give us.”

In the footage, the user can be seen walking past his daughter to a window covered by a curtain.

When he moves the curtain and passes through the window he finds himself behind a bar and decides to pour himself a pint.

The couple explained that the hotel had several bars and that this particular venue shut at around 6pm.

The following day the family filmed another video showing what the bar looked like during the day and where it was located next to the pool.

After posting the footage, the couple was inundated with questions and comments from baffled and delighted users.

One person said they’d stayed in the exact same hotel whilst another wrote about what they would do if they had that room.

They said: “I’d drink the entire bar and still find a way to complain.”

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Another user said: “I’d be kicked out on day 1 lol.”

A third user wrote: “Better than a sea view.”

The couple added that whilst this bar closed at 6pm, others stayed open till 11pm.

Not everyone was as keen on the TikToker’s trick, warning that posting the video could get the pair in trouble or that the footage would lead to the window being blocked up next year.

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