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Bloke arrested for wearing lingerie and giving girlfriend lapdance in restaurant

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A streamer was left stunned after he was booted out of a restaurant and arrested for donning black lingerie and giving his girlfriend a lapdance in the middle of a busy restaurant.

Kick streamer Ice Poseidon is famed online for his 'in real life' streams online but his recent trip to Bangkok, Thailand ended in disaster after he was arrested for his behaviour in a restaurant.

In one of his streams, he was filmed giving his girlfriend, Kimberly, a lap dance in the lounge area of a busy restaurant while wearing nothing but lingerie.

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But the general manager soon slammed them for being 'disrespectful to Thai culture and women' and demanded that they go to the police station.

She said: "I would like all of you to go to the police station now for doing something like this and disrespecting Thai culture."

She warned the group that ‘they can’t do this in Thailand’ and that the whole thing had been recorded on CCTV.

The group offered to pay and leave but the manager insisted she didn't care for the money as they weren't respecting their culture.

The hotel also wouldn't let them leave without a letter admitting guilt – though the streamer claims he has no idea what crime he is supposedly guilty of.

He said: "Mugshot with pressured admission of guilt and apology. Guilty of what? No idea. No one telling me what the law was I broke."

She then demanded the streamer stop recording and asked to see their passports. They were told to take their passports to the police station the following day for further investigation.

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However, a representative later said that no laws were broken and that the streamer had yet to be charged with anything.

In a subsequent update via Discord, the streamer claims they were required to return to the station six hours, accompanied by a lawyer, despite no charges being brought against them.

No further updates have been released since he went back to the police station.

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