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Putin sends prisoners including rapist that tortured ex to death to frontline

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Putin ‘the organisers of this rebellion will be brought to justice’

Despot ruler Vladimir Putin has given the green light to the release of hundreds of savage criminals from Russian jails so they can fight on the frontline. They include sadistic killer Vladislav Kanyus, who was released less than a year into his sentence for the murder of his girlfriend, who he stabbed 111 times.

He tortured girlfriend Vera Pekhteleva, 23, to death after she demanded her belongings back when telling the 26-year-old they were splitting up.

Kanyus raped Ms Pekhteleva and then strangled her with a cord from an iron.

Initially sentenced to 17 years, Kanyus has now been freed and has been handed a gun and military fatigues so he can join the war against Ukraine.

Ms Pekhteleva’s mother Oksana says the man is a “fanatic” and “maniac”.

She said: “This monster, being freed from a criminal conviction, escaping from the frontline or by switching sides, can at any moment kill any of us, the victims, out of revenge.”

Russian lawyer and human rights defender Alyona Popova said: “There were 111 wounds on her body.

“He raped Vera while she was still alive, and then strangled her with a cord from an iron. I just cannot find words to express my rage.”

Daily Star reports that Putin previously called released prisoners, pushed either into the Wagner military militia group or internal Russian armies, “patriots of Russia”.

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After six months of service, Kanyus will receive a full pardon for a crime which a judge, in sentencing, described as an “especially cruel murder”.

Ms Pekhteleva had been on course to graduate from a university in Kemerovo, southwest Siberia, at the time of her death.

A 600-member church paid tribute to her in a memorial service following the killing.

Human rights lawyer Ms Popova has since warned other prisoners will use their six-month pardon as a chance to “kill and rape” when they get home from the war.

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The news comes as military experts say that Putin is losing his grip on power in Russia, despite seeing off the Wagner Group uprising over the weekend.

Political analyst, author and Russia expert Mark Galeotti says the Russian leader is becoming increasingly known as “grandfather” within the Russian borders.

The 70-year-old despot has been at the centre of the Russian politics since 2000, when he was first appointed president.

But the stunt by Wagner Group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin represented one of the most threatening challenges to his power in decades, analysts agree, and have likely contributed to dent his once undiscussed image of a strongman.

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