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Brit running through Africa risks ‘world’s deadliest disease’ after gun robbery

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A bloke running the length of Africa said he is “playing fast and loose” with one of the most deadly diseases out there, just days after being held up at gunpoint.

Russ Cook, also known as @hardestgeeza, has been having quite the time of it lately, and as he reached day 66 of his roughly 240-day effort, has entered into a new set of problems.

The Worthing man was just a few days ago (June 24) held at gunpoint in Angola and has now stated that his malaria medications were making him dizzy and had to stop taking them in the interest of his runs.

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Taking to Twitter on Monday (June 26) Russ noted: “Intense day. Hot, humid, hills. Triple threat. The Angolan police are now escorting us.

Feel sorry for the guy who’s gotta sit at 10kmph in his motor all day. Grateful that Angola is doing what they can to keep us safe.

“I can’t speak any Portuguese so I’d be lying if I said I know much about what’s happening but Harry is doing all the talking whilst I handle the stomping.

“In other news these malaria meds have been spinning my head major. Cannot run daily ultra marathons on these things so gotta give them a miss and play fast and loose with one of the deadliest diseases in the world instead. The game is the game.”

His fearless approach to Malaria, which in 2021 is thought to have claimed the lives of around 619,000 people, comes in the wake of having a huge amount of his gear stolen after two man held up he and his crew at gunpoint.

At the time Russ wrote: “Nothing like a gun being pointed at your face to let you know you’re alive. Lively one today.

“Ferocious ones and twos all morning. Met the boys for a lunch break. Chatting our usual dribble in the van like any other day when a couple lads popped open the side door and demanded everything we have.

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“Desperate blokes with guns pointed. Infamously bad situation to find yourself on the end of. Proper spot of bother. Damage limitation.

“None of us got killed or injured. We didn’t let them march us out the van. But we did lose a lot of our gear. Couple cameras, two iphones, all of our cash, passports and few other bits.

“Rough gig. But we live to tell the tale. Could’ve been a lot worse. Local police doing as much as they can to help.

“The relentless nature of this mission is quite something. Problems from every angle. No respite. Till the bitter end.”

His attitude to the challenges he’s been facing have been a source of inspiration, with many flocking to show their support in the comments sections of his posts.

“Hope you ok. Keep doing fantastic things. Heroic,” said one.

“Another commented: “Heavy man, sorry this happened to you and your crew”.

Others shared their surprise this was the first incident like this they’d had, while another was impressed they managed to hold onto the van.

Following his comments about Malaria, one person commented: “Scenesss, incredible to see you still getting the mileage in despite everything. Awesome that the Angolan police are so supportive of the mission”.

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