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Sweltering 32C heatwave to trigger thunder and lightning risk – new map

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Weather forecasters have warned that Britons face a wet weekend with lightning, thunder and heavy rain could break the UK’s heatwave. Temperatures have reached uncomfortable highs, with 30C days becoming increasingly common towards the end of June. As the mercury continues to rise, storms are also more likely, as a forecaster said people should prepare for poor weather.

Speaking to, Brian Gaze, chief meteorologist and founder of The Weather Outlook, said people can expect more “fine weather” over the next few days.

But he warned “change is on the way” after one of the hottest days of 2023.

Mr Glaze said: “Sunday may be the hottest day of the year so far, with computer models suggesting that temperatures will peak close to 33C (91F) in East Anglia.

“However, a cold front will be pushing in from the Atlantic, and it brings the risk of heavy rain and thunderstorms to the northwest.”

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“There is uncertainty about how quickly the wet conditions will push eastwards, so if you’re planning a barbecue on Sunday you’ll need either sun cream or a brolly depending on where you live.

“By Monday, the cooler air is expected to have pushed down across all areas.”

Weather maps back up Mr Glaze’s predictions, with charts for Sunday, June 25, showing significant rainfall arriving from the west.

Data from WXCharts shows that some areas on the west coast of Ireland and Scotland could see between 40mm and 50mm (1.5 to two inches) from the afternoon, with lower totals or around 1mm to 5mm further inland.

Additional maps from forecasters at predict thunderstorms for most of the country, aside from Wales, some of the east coast, and southeast and western England.

Met Office forecasters have said that the weekend’s temperatures could meet the UK heatwave threshold.

Deputy Chief Meteorologist Chris Almond said temperatures would likely “peak in the low 30s on Sunday in the southeast”, adding that temperatures elsewhere could “still reach the high 20s” and remain high overnight.

Thunderstorms, Mr Almond added, are more likely in the northwest, where more than 40mm could fall in “some spots” overnight.

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