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Three in hospital as axeman ‘slashes people in rampage’ at city restaurant

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    Three people have been injured after a man wielding an axe is believed to have gone on a rampage through a city street.

    The trio of injured have been hospitalised following the attack in Auckland, on Corinthian Drive in the Albany area of the New Zealand city.

    The attacker is understood to have entered businesses and attacked people freely at around 9pm on Monday (June 19).

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    Police have said they are still creating an image of what happened but did acknowledge that one person had been arrested.

    One woman told local outlet RNZ that she had seen her friend attacked right in front of her while they were eating.

    They had been eating at Maya Hotpot when a man walked in with something wrapped in a cloth. The item was then pulled out and allegedly revealed to be an axe.

    The witness told the station the attacker came up behind her friend and attacked them with the axe. That friend has now been taken to hospital.

    Storefronts in the area are largely occupied by restaurants and takeaways.

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    Initial reports claim that some four police cars were visible at the scene with large quantities of the blood spotted and officers telling people to get back.

    An area of around three restaurants, Zhang Liang Malatang, Yue's Dumpling Kitchen, and Maya Hotpot, have been cordoned off

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