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Warning Boris Johnson’s revenge could give us a Starmer-led Labour government

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Boris Johnson has made his stance on the Privileges Committee report clear, claiming the report is skewered to find him “guilty in order to expel him from Parliament” in a comment for Express.co.uk.

The report said aspects of Mr Johnson’s evidence in the investigation were “not credible” and accused him of being “disingenuous”. 

His resignation, the publishing of the partygate report and sanctions suggested by Harriet Harman have triggered a flood of Tory infighting.

Allies of Mr Johnson have threatened “a bloodbath” for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak come Monday, when MPs will vote on the Privileges Committee report.

One former minister warned Mr Sunak will face “a series of rebellions” as a result of his actions over his predecessor.

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The divisive report has split the Tory Party in two, with one senior Tory MP dubbing Mr Johnson’s behaviour as “utterly disgraceful” while Conservative MP Brendan Clarke-Smith called the report “spiteful, vindictive and overreaching”.

Express readers are also torn, with user sittingbull85 saying: “Blatant witch hunt…they will face the music come the GE next year for undermining the voting public that voted Boris to be pm.”

While commenter Nannabit said: “Johnson deserves everything he gets thrown at him and good riddance”.

The fallout from the three Tory MP resignations and partygate report has had an impact on the polls, with the Conservative Party significantly lagging behind Labour.

The general view is that the Conservatives are “really struggling” according to Michela Morizzo, chief executive of pollsters Techne UK.

The Techne poll of 1,625 people found if there was a General Election tomorrow, 44 percent would vote Labour while just 28 percent would vote Tory.

So is Boris Johnson’s revenge on Mr Sunak going to give us a Keir Starmer government? Have your say and join the Express.co.uk reader debate in our comments section.

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