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Model who gave ‘bum salute’ to late Queen talks of raunchy acts in public

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A racy model who gave a bizarre "bum tribute" to the late Queen Elizabeth II has revealed some of her more out-there sex acts she carried out in public.

Content creator Siew Pui Yi, known by her OnlyFans name MsPuiyi, spoke out on some rather intimate details on a recent podcast appearance.

The now former OnlyFans star has since spoken out on a few occasions with her ex-boyfriend, who had previously acted as photographer for her adult app content.

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She has since revealed where exactly some of her close encounters took place, including an elevator which was fitted with security cameras and the great outdoors.

Speaking on the podcast, Siew Pui Yi shared her highly active sex drive as a reason for having sex in a number of places.

Her list of places, which included a parking lot, elevators, the woods and public parks, shocked the podcast host, who asked MsPuiyi: "The elevator has CCTV (cameras), how are you supposed to do (it)?"

She did not appear to have an answer for the host, although did admit she was having sex between five out of seven days a week to feed her high sex drive.

MsPuiyi also claimed she would have sex twice a day for those five days, leaving her fellow content creator somewhat shocked, Hype reported.

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The Daily Star previously reported a few public sightings of MsPuiyi, who was caught taking in a number of British landmarks and stripping off with a series of teasing photos for her fans.

She offered up some flashy salutes to "beautiful sculptures" across the city, including one aimed at Windsor Castle where the Queen was residing at the time.

Her salute came just a few months before the Platinum Jubilee last year, with MsPuiyi spotted on the grounds last May.

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