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Boris Johnson ‘weight loss’ rant thanks to ‘wonder drug’ in bizarre first column

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Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ranted about the secret behind his "weight loss" thanks to a "wonder drug" in his bizarre first column since his resignation.

The disgraced PM, who resigned as a Member of Parliament on June 9, has since penned his first piece for Daily Mail, detailing how he managed to lose so much weight instead of an expected rant about recent events in his career.

He believes the "wonder drug" cured him of his hunger for cheese and chorizo, scavenging the depths of his fridge for a bite of meat and dairy.

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After consulting his doctor, it would seem the ex-PM found himself using "appetite-suppressing drugs", which mean his hormones were altered to convince him he was full.

He wrote: "All you need to do is inject a tiny dose of clear Ozempic fluid into your abdomen, once a week, and hey presto — no more raiding the fridge at 11.30pm for the cheddar and chorizo washed down with half a bottle of wine.

"Say goodbye to that unconquerable mid-morning lust for a bacon sandwich."

Waving farewell to "bowls of pasta" and the ruthless scoffing of extra bits and pieces, it would appear the former Prime Minister has turned his attention to the medical market and thoroughly believes the drug can fix "the obesity crisis".

He continued: "The obesity crisis in this country is appalling: more than three-quarters of older people are overweight or obese — and the numbers are terrible among the kids.

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"Yes, the drugs will cost a bit to begin with, but those who can afford it should pay; and think of the savings for the NHS in diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease."

He conceded the "fundamental conservative instinct" may not be enough to keep the fridge door closed, and says it "may not be enough" to rely on self-restraint alone.

Mr Johnson noted also he sees "nothing morally wrong" with using the drug which has helped him drop a few pounds, likening it to using "an electrically assisted bicycle to get up the hill."

He concluded: "Even for us fatties, it turns out, there is such a thing as satiety — and science has found it."

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