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Gang of yobs cause ‘chaos and misery’ for hut owners on luxury Sandbanks beach

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    Hundreds of youths have taken to a Brit beach and damaged expensive huts with incidents of vandalism and drug abuse reported.

    After splashing out £5,500 on the huts people at Dorset-based resort Sandbanks are now having to deal with graffiti, broken windows and a clear-up of laughing gas canisters.

    The gang of up to 100 youths was said to be drinking, smoking cannabis, and inhaling laughing gas at various properties scattered across the beach.

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    Their beach-based antics come as residents found their rent had been doubled, leaving those in the area feeling like "cash cows" amid a bout of "chaos and misery".

    Bob Lister, chairman of the Poole Beach Hut Association, said: "The local council is treating us like cash cows. They can't just increase our rents, pricing many pensioners out of the area, then reduce security measures in the area.

    "Years ago the council had a ranger monitoring the beach huts every day. They say that there is CCTV in the area but it isn't complete coverage."

    Chairman Lister noted also the "decline of the last few years" in the resort was "horribly clear" as one hut renter noticed cans of paint lobbed everywhere and "laughing gas balloons", Daily Mail reported.

    Zin Matthews said: "There is also a lot of vandalism. A can of paint has been thrown on the wall and windows have been smashed. Some of the windows look like Superman has gone 'kapow' on them and broken the glass."

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    Another hutter, Sue Smith, 35, was left feeling "intimidated" and claims she received "lots of abuse" from a mob of 80 to 100 yobs who were "smoking cannabis and drinking alcohol".

    Some may be pushed into making this year their last for renting a beach hut, with renter John Pullen, 57, adding: "I know some people who have said this year will probably be their last renting the hut because they've had enough."

    Dorset Police say they have officers on "high visibility foot patrols" along the beach, while councillor Kieron Wilson has said he will step up efforts to tackle the antisocial behaviour.

    He said: "CCTV is already in place at Shore Rd and the camera will remain covering this location in the evenings. There are 'fragile roof' signs in place to warn people of the dangers of trespassing."

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