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Meet the Kennedy White House contender who believes Andrew Bridgen is a ‘hero’

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RFK warns that western governments have embraced totalitarianism

On the day North West Leicestershire MP Andrew Bridgen was expelled from the Conservative Party for questioning vaccine policy he received a crucial call from another politician.

Not a Tory MP, but a Democrat White House contender, the latest in America’s most famous political dynasty – Robert Kennedy Jr.

The man who is making Joe Biden nervous about being nominated by his party for a second term has given an exclusive interview to the Daily Express US after its launch last week.

The alliance of Kennedy and Bridgen across the Atlantic is, in some ways, surprising.

Mr Bridgen from the right of political spectrum is a Brexit spartan and conservative, while Mr Kennedy as an activist lawyer who has made his name with campaigns on the left on issues such as indiginous people’s rights, environmental causes and anti-poverty campaigns.

But both have been drawn over their shared opposition to measures during the Covid pandemic – notably lockdowns and the vaccine rollout.

Both Bridgen and RFK have been branded “anti-vaxxers” and their views on Covid and the handling of the pandemic are controversial.

But in a recent poll for the Daily Express US by the Washington DC based Democracy Institute, Kennedy is taking almost a third (31 percent) of Democrat support for the nomination.

Kennedy is clear what brings him and Bridgen together from left and right.

He told the Daily Express: “Among people all over the world, even people who were whose political posture up until the beginning of the pandemic had been absolutely antithetic to my own, suddenly I found myself in common cause with people that were showing the courage to stand up to these totalitarian lockdowns.

“Andrew Bridgen was one of the most courageous members of the British Parliament.

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“We saw so much moral cowardice among leaders in the western world.

“So those who demonstrated courage during this period, I did my best to support.

He went on: “[Andrew’s party] was trying to isolate them. I wanted to let him know that there were people around the world.”

Mr Kennedy believes that in the US a number of constitutional rights were ignored over Covid by both Trump and Biden.

He described what has happened as “a continued assault on our freedoms and free speech.”

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He said: “Once the government takes the power, it will never voluntarily relinquish it.

“These powers have now been temporarily suspended.

“The lockdowns and the other measures hasve been temporarily suspended.

“None of these governments have said, ‘we will never do this again’.

“They’re all saying it when the next pandemic comes it may be even worse.”

Mr Bridgen decided not to challenge his expulson from the Conservative Party and joined Laurence Fox’s Reclaim Party.

He told Express.co.uk: “It was strange, not one of my former [Tory MP] colleagues got in touch when it was leaked I had been expelled.

“A lot of them knew I was asking the right questions but did not have the courage to say anything themselves or to publicly support me.

“But I got a call from Robert of all people, which says a lot about him as a man of principle.”

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