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Maggots ‘devouring man alive’ after a fly invaded his ear canal as he slept

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Foul footage has captured the gruesome moment that a man was left in agony as bluebottle larvae spilled from his ear.

Valdemir Dencati had woken up in excruciating pain – only to find that a fly had laid eggs in his ear.

His ear then filled with larvae meaning he needed urgent medical treatment to have it flushed.

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The bluebottles were spilling out of his ear and onto his face as he went to his local emergency unit in Brazil on June 4.

He was then referred to the Municipal Hospital of Cuiaba (HMC), but was not admitted because he was not registered in the health system.

Valdemir was then sent to another facility, where a new referral was given, but once again was not admitted to the hospital.

Describing his condition at the time, his wife said: "A lot of bluebottles are coming out of his ear, and he is experiencing a lot of pain."

He then returned to the emergency unit, where he was given intravenous medication and another ear flushing.

A private consultation with a specialist would reveal soon afterwards that there were larvae hatching in Valdemir's ear, and that he would need costly surgery.

After another trip to the emergency unit he was again referred to Municipal Hospital of Cuiaba, where a decision was made to transfer him to another hospital.

He requires another operation, and his transfer was still pending on Saturday.

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His wife Ediane told local media: "It's neglect. A worker who can't rely on public healthcare.

“Another night is coming, and still nothing. It's very sad. The bug is devouring him alive."

The Cuiaba Public Health Intervention Office has since reported that Valdemir is still at the hospital, and has already had the procedure to remove the larvae.

Last year in Portugal, another man found out to his surprise that flesh-eating maggots were living in his ear canal after he began experiencing earache.

The 64-year-old went to the doctors complaining of itching, bleeding and pain in one of his ear canals, and ended up being hospitalised.

The man was seen at the Hospital Pedro Hispano in Matosinhos in Portugal, and was diagnosed with a myiasis infection.

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