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UK hot weather – exact parts of Britain set to swerve 30C blast this weekend

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Exact Parts Of Britain Set To Swerve 30c Blast This Weekend

Weather warnings have been issued for much of the UK as thunderstorms are set to roll in over the weekend alongside skyrocketing temperatures. However, some parts of the country will avoid being hit by the extreme weather.

East and northeast Scotland are likely to be the main exception to the change in conditions, the Met Office said.

These areas will see an easterly breeze that may keep temperatures more subdued, while cloud cover will likely persist for some.

Some coastal areas will be cooler than the peak figures further inland, the agency added, with sea breezes preventing the highest temperatures building on immediate coastlines.

Much of the rest of the country will be impacted with temperatures as high as 30C and storms.

Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist Dan Harris said: “Although a plume of warm air will bring temperatures up to around 30C in some parts of England, it brings with it the risk of some impactful thunderstorms.”

A Yellow Warning for thunderstorms has been issued, covering Wales and a large area of southern and central England from 2pm to 9pm on Saturday.

The transition into high temperatures began late on Thursday for those in the southwest.

Warm air from the south is allowing high temperatures to hit today, as well as the possibility of occasional showery outbreaks in the far southwest.

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The warmer air will then push further north and east over the course of the weekend.

More widespread showers are also set to bring the chance of hail and gusty winds for a few places.

Mr Harris added: “While not everyone in the warning area will see the heaviest showers, or even showers at all, some are likely to be torrential and thundery, with 30-40mm falling in an hour.

“Some spots affected by multiple showers could see in excess of 60mm within the warning period.

“It’s worth noting that this far from the event the main focus area could change as latest forecast information becomes available, so it’s important to stay up to date with the latest forecast.”

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Storm Oscar, which has been named by the Spanish Meteorological Service (AEMET), and has been thrashing the Canary Islands, will not directly impact the UK.

However, it will help to drive a warm plume of air into southern areas, as a high-pressure area that had been keeping the UK relatively mild drifts towards Scandinavian countries.

Looking further forward, current signals for next week suggest the risk of thundery downpours will continue at first for some with temperatures likely to remain above average.

Meanwhile, eastern coastal areas could be slightly cooler again, with a resumption of an easterly breeze.

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