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Wild singer who performed sex act on stage set for 24/7 surveillance on TV show

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The controversial Brazilian singer who was filmed letting a fan perform oral sex on her on stage is set to appear on a hit reality TV show where she will be under constant surveillance.

MC Pipokinha, real name Doroth Helena de Sousa Alves, has hit headlines in recent months because of her outrageous antics.

As well as on-stage sex acts, she was filmed allowing cats to suck on her nipples and entered the cockpit of a plane to flash the pilot.

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The hypersexual nature of her shows has led to some being cancelled. Previously, Brazilian politicians called for minors to be banned from attending them.

However, she'll soon be beamed onto TV screens across the country when she appears on the next series of A Fazenda ('The Farm'), a 24-hour reality show set on a farm.

According to Desembuxa Online, MC Pipokinha was the first celebrity to sign up with broadcaster Record TV for the show's 15th season.

The TV station reportedly acted early to get her signature given the amount of shows she is booked to perform and her skyrocketing popularity.

A Fazenda is very much like Celebrity Big Brother if it were set on a farm. It sees Brazilian stars isolated from the outside world with no phones, TV or internet while under constant surveillance for three months.

The contestants compete for the chance to win a grand prize by avoiding weekly evictions until the last celebrity remains. That prize is R$1.5million (around £245,000).

The farm itself is located in the countryside of Sao Paulo, sprawling over 150,000sqm. Constants are put to work on the farm, waking up early and tending to crops and animals.

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