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Nightmare neighbour sawed garage in half as revenge in weird border row

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A "petty" homeowner sawed a garage in half after becoming involved in a property dispute with his neighbour.

Gabriel Brawn launched the attack on the building with a truck-mounted claw crane after claiming the property crossed over the border between his land in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, US, and his neighbour's.

Before committing the act Brawn, a construction worker, had two land surveyors look at the outbuilding and confirm it was in part sitting on land that belonged to him, reports Bangor Daily News.

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The incident was reposted to TikTok by the Neighborhood Disputes account, three years after it took place in May 2020.

"I can almost guarantee he didn't start this neighbor war, but he hit a checkmate cutting a garage in half. That's awesome," one viewer commented.

A second chimed in: "Although that cut work was extremely impressive, is was also, extremely petty. Just sell them the land for way over market."

But others weren't so quick to condemn Brawn – and one even confessed they had done the same thing.

"I had to do the same thing in Nebraska, had to be done and is totally legal. Way to go buddy," he said.

Brawn's wife, Tracy Brawn, told local media her family's relationship with their neighbours had been fraught since they moved into Brawn's childhood home in 2012.

The family home used to include the land where the controversial garage was located, but Tracy said it now belongs to a neighbouring property.

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But despite the confusion over land, Tracy said there had been no issues between the residents until the former owner of the neighbouring home, Steve Ritter, died in 2016.

"As soon as that poor man passed away this place turned to craziness and chaos," Tracy said.

The once-peaceful neighbours became entangled in a bitter rivalry that came to a head when Brawn brought in a land surveyor, who said the property line lay along the centre of the garage.

The Ritters moved out of their home shortly after the assessment, but their youngest son soon came back asking if he could retrieve his father's ashes from the garage.

"We said, 'Please do. We want our property back because we’ve been paying taxes on it for years,'" Tracy said.

"But he went over there and started throwing trash all over the place and smashing glass and taking bureaus and throwing them outside in the yard."

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The next day Brawn brought in a machine-powered saw and set about dividing up the garage.

Tracy said the couple have learned their lesson from the drama and will be stricter about enforcing borders in the future.

"We’re putting up a fence. Fences make good neighbors," she continued.

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