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Bloke spends £60k on cheese ‘addiction’ and eats at least two blocks a day

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A cheese-loving lad has spent £60,000 on an "addiction" to the dairy product, eating at least two blocks of the good stuff every day.

Living the gouda life and digesting an entire block of cheese in a sandwich, Mark King, 54, would love to eat four blocks a day but his wife, Tracey, 49, won't let him.

Two blocks of cheddar is the limit set for woodyard worker Mark, who is perfectly healthy after "acclimatising" his body tot he dairy product, The Mirror reported.

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He eats cheddar with every meal but cannot stand the likes of macaroni and cheese or cauliflower cheese, for Mark thinks they do not have enough coagulated milk coating them.

Tracey said: "My husband probably eats the most amount of cheese that's humanly possible. He has two packs a day, he would eat a lot more but I've calmed him down – it got a bit out of control, to be honest."

Her worries are no match for Mark's love of dairy, with the absolute unit of a man gorging himself on dairy goodness and even defying medical odds of a cheese-heavy diet.

Tracey continued: "The GP said because he's been eating it for so long it's like he's acclimatised to it. When we met 25 years ago, he was doing these sandwiches – his favourite is a block of cheese in between two pieces of bread – he cuts it up."

Mark does of course season his meals, with "marmite, mayonnaise, and white pepper," Tracey added.

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Since spending £7 a day on as many as four blocks of cheese a day, Tracey worries the financial expenses involved in eating so much are a bit of a burden.

"£63,000 since I've known him," was the amount Tracey gave for Mark's rather particular eating habits.

The Cheese King, as TikTok fans have since dubbed Mark, has received gift hampers from the likes of Cathedral City to continue his rather tasty diet.

Tracey added: "He doesn't like nachos either. He'll rarely eat cauliflower cheese – cheese sauces don't appeal to him. Everyone calls him the cheese king on TikTok now, people recognise us in the street and go, 'oh my God, it's the cheese king'!"

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