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Moment man throws stray puppy into hot oil caught on camera

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Woman killed in Long Island house fire trying to save her dog

A man has been accused of throwing a dog into a vat of hot oil after shocking footage emerged of the senseless violence.  The man faces six years if convicted.

The canine died painfully five hours after the attack after being taken to a veterinary clinic.

The dog was a regular at the butcher’s and was well-known for feeding on the scraps that the shop provided him.

In shocking CCTV footage of the attack, a man can be seen threatening the butcher in Tecámac near Mexico City, Mexico with a knife.

Afterwards, the crazed unidentified suspect grabs the unwitting mutt and threw it into the hot oil in a fit of rage.

The poor pet was six-month-old Benito, who was well-known to the local butcher for feeding on the scraps.

The horrified butcher had to take the pot to cool down before he was able to remove Benito from the vat – which had an approximate temperature of 200C (392F).

A man named Sergio was arrested on May 30 for the alleged crime – which took place two days earlier on May 28.

Mexico’s Attorney General accused Sergio of the horrifying act as an attempt to threaten the butcher.

He allegedly threw Benito into the vat of burning oil, used by the butcher to prepare certain meats, while leaving the establishment.

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The dog was hanging around outside waiting for its daily scraps of meat.

The butcher, Óscar Ávila, said: “We used to throw bones and meat skin to Benito.”

He told local media that the suspect appeared drunk when he threatened him.

Even Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador weighed in on the crime. 

The President said: “These things should never happen or be accepted.”

He added that such incidents “have a lot to do with the education given at an early age”.

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 López Obrador also called for greater awareness of “neighborly love and love of all animals”.

The animal rights group Peludos Desamparados said: “We are extremely angry and we have already taken legal action.

“We need to highlight this case so that this unfortunate man pays for his crime.”

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