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Hot weather alert as Iberian plume to see 80F heatwave hit Britain in days

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New weather maps show the potential for a heatwave coming as the UK braces for highs of 27C within days. Across the country weather has been hotting up throughout the week and Britons are expected to flock to beaches and parks this weekend to enjoy more dry days.

According to weather forecasts, highs of 23C are expected next week, but new weather maps show temperatures significantly rising from June 15. The maps from Netweather show highs of 24C in London, rising to 27C on Friday June 16.

As we head into June, the Met Office said there is a clear east-west split with cloud cover which is impacting today’s temperatures across some parts of Britain.

Parts of Wales, near the town of Porthmadog, Gwynedd, have seen the mercury go up to 24.2C – but due to the presence of clouds, the weather feels much colder in eastern parts of the country, with 10.3C recorded in North Yorkshire.

Met Office meteorologist Craig Snell said: “Out towards the west, just like recent days, feeling pleasantly warm in the sunshine. But do watch out. The sun is quite strong.

“It’s probably the strongest this gets really across the UK, could even see very high levels of UV in the south. So if you are out and about, planning a trip to the beach, do take some sensible precautions and slap on the sun cream.”

The Met Office also warned those who suffer from hayfever that grass pollen levels are on the rise as more grasses come into flowers, particulary in the south.

In the north, grass pollen levels are lower but they are still expected to be moderate, so anyone with hayfever should take extra precautions.

The Met Office’s long-range weather forecast from June 6 to June 15 says the UK is likely to see a continuation of the recent dry weather.

It reads: “Eastern and northern areas are likely to see more cloud than the west, especially in coastal areas exposed to onshore winds. It will likely feel warm to rather warm across western areas, though cooler in the east when under cloud.

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“There is a chance of isolated showers, mostly over high ground, in the early part of the period, with a small, but increasing, risk of rain or showers, perhaps thundery, over parts of southern and south-eastern England and Wales as the period progresses.

“Winds are likely to be light for most, though stronger in the south of England, and in coastal areas near the English Channel.”

Towards the end of June, the weather may be more unsettled, with a risk of thundery showers or rain in southern areas, with drier conditions in the north, forecasters added.

Temperatures are expected to be near or above normal throughout this month.

Met Office four-day forecast

Saturday: More warm weather but early mist and cloud in the north, including Scotland, will keep temperatures cooler for some.

Sunday to Tuesday: High pressure across Britain will see temperatures continue to rise. Some clouds persist in the north and the south will see some breeze.

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