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Trio sentenced for crime spree and shooting death of Shmuel Silverberg

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Three men were sentenced Wednesday in Denver to long prison terms for their parts in a 2021 metro area crime spree that included an armed robbery and the fatal shooting of an 18-year-old student.

Noah Loepp-Hall was sentenced to 65 years in prison, Aiden Sides to 41 years and Isaiah Freeman 30 years, according to a Denver District Attorney’s Office news release.

The crime spree included the burglary of five businesses, the shooting and robbery of a man and the shooting death of student Shmuel Silverberg in West Denver outside a Torah school. The shooting victim who was robbed, Thomas Young, is paralyzed from a spinal cord injury in the attack. Two additional defendants await sentencing.

“These five young men went on a vicious rampage that left one man paralyzed, a son dead and members of Denver’s Jewish community reeling,” said Denver DA Beth McCann in a news release. “I wish peace for Shmuel Silverberg’s family and friends and the other victims of these horrendous and brutal crimes as well as their families and friends.”

Silverberg’s parents thanked Denver police and prosecutors for investigating the case and bringing it to sentencing in the release.

“Their care, concern and sensitivity to our feelings and needs were unparalleled,” the Silverbergs stated. “We thank them for being there for us when we needed them and for taking the time to make sure that we understood all the proceedings.”

Co-defendant Samuel Fussell will be sentenced on June 30 and Seth Larhode will be sentenced July 21, according to the release.

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