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‘Bloke raging over tiny meal smashed my face on bog wall sending teeth flying’

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A bloke was left so gutted by the allegedly stingy amount of meat in his bowl of food that he punched the restaurant owner’s face in.

Store owner Cai, 55, had his head smashed against a wall before being punched in the face at Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre, Singapore, on Sunday (May 28) at around 7pm.

He had been in the toilet at the time of the attack, Cai explained to the Shin Min Daily News.

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The attacker is understood to be one of a couple who had sat down at the economy market stall to grab a bite of curry chicken.

However, when the plate showed up they took offence, with Cai explaining: "[The male customer] asked if I thought he couldn't afford it."

The two ended up in an argument, which lead to Cai telling the man that more meat was available but would come with an extra charge.

He said the couple decided this was a good idea, ordered the meat and went on their way.

Later on, Cai claims that he popped to the loo, where he felt someone come up behind him, grab his head and two times smash it against the wall.

Cai then turned at which point he received a mouthful of knuckles allegedly from the man he saw earlier.

He added: "If it's just about wanting more chicken, he could have said so nicely, why hit someone till they bleed?”

Shin Min reported that, at the time it interviewed him, he still had blood pouring from his gums.

He said he called the cops but left the medical pros well alone.

"It's a small injury so I didn't go to the hospital. I still have to take care of my stall, I really can't leave.

His assistant managed to pin the man down as he tried to leave the shop.

Cops said that a 47-year-old man is now assisting with investigations.

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