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Maps turn crimson for five days this month as mercury begins to soar

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Weather forecast for week ahead from May 15: Will temperatures rise?

Weather maps are starting to glow for several days this month, indicating a hot spell, as the mercury surges forward with just two weeks until summer. Forecasts for the last days of May show an end to the mixed outlook of the past few weeks, with temperatures to remain consistently above 15C. Highs now appear set to extend to 20C and beyond ahead of a summer potentially dominated by heatwaves.

Weather maps posted by WXCharts turn a glowing yellow and orange by late May as heat rolls off France and The Netherlands.

The forecasts show yellow licks of heat lapping at British shores by the coming weekend, boosting temperatures consistently above 15C.

Met Office weather maps push the predictions even further, suggesting highs could reach 20C.

By Saturday, the agency predicts that temperatures will remain between 19C and 20C.


Highs in late May of up to 21C will paint weather maps a deep orange, with parts of Europe already donned in red. This is because of heat stretching up from Africa, into France and Spain before it reaches the UK around May 28.

While it won’t pack the same punch, forecasters have warned people to expect higher-than-usual temperatures.

The plume of heat will boost the UK’s late spring highs, keeping them around the high teens to low 20C range.

The Met Office has concluded that, for the end of May, there is a “higher than normal chance of warmer temperatures”.

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The chance of continued highs remains in the coming months, with the odds of above-average heat in June and July “higher than normal”.

The agency said the conditions are in line with the country’s warming climate and that they raise the chance of coming heatwaves.

Those odds don’t guarantee extended dizzying highs, the forecasters said, but they do increase the likelihood “compared to normal”. 

While many Britons will likely look forward to the warmer outlook after the recent mixed conditions, there is no guaranteed, extended heat.

The country will, at times, remain chilly, with some forecasters warning of a late May frost. Sky News weather forecaster Jo Wheeler said people living in rural areas should expect some morning frost this week.

Ms Wheeler added that wind direction would ensure continued fluctuations “above and below average values”.

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