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Angry buzzard sinks talons into runner’s head leaving him covered in blood

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An angry buzzard has gashed the head of a runner, sinking its talons into the back of a man's head, leaving him covered in blood.

The grizzly attack left Ewan Cameron, 46, ducking and diving after being chased down by a vicious bird of prey who continually swooped down on him.

Marathon runner Ewan, who recently completed a set of endurance runs in London and Tokyo, has since described the horror attack which left him bloodied and cut open.

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He even alleged the bird had pestered him before this feral attack, documenting previous run-in's with the terrifying bird of prey, when speaking to Daily Record.

He said: "It's not the first time it's happened and it’s not the first time that that particular bird has gotten its talons into me. But I hadn’t actually seen it for the past six months and I run that route three or four times a week.

"So I thought it had either moved on or died. But on Sunday, it just caught me completely off guard. It got me from behind. I hadn’t seen it in the air or anything beforehand."

No such luck in hoping the bird was dead for Ewan, as he found himself feeling as though he had been punched in the back of the head.

The marathon runner continued: "It sunk its talons into the back of my head which felt like a punch because it’s flying at a reasonable speed when it does it. I came to my senses and realised it had got me as it came back around for another couple of swoops.

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"I’ve already got scars on my head from where it got me a couple of years ago."

Ewan has since shared his woeful injuries with fellow runners, and was surprised to hear so many others had received injuries and horror stories after their run-ins with birds.

He added: "I can’t quite believe the amount of people who have said they have had similar situations. One woman shared a picture of blood pouring from above her eye from where one had hit her. It looked really bad."

Paul Reynolds of New Arc Wildlife Centre, said attacks like this were common occurrences, adding: "If we think about it on the grand scale of things, there's more people injured by cows I think than the bird of prey side of things."

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