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Fishermen somehow land super-rare 14ft hammerhead shark after 90 minute battle

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Two fishermen were gobsmacked at reeling in a monster hammerhead shark after battling with the beast for an hour and a half.

The giant catch measured just over 14ft and weighed 1,000lbs. It was snared by anglers on Padre Island, Texas, last Friday (May 5).

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species, great hammerhead sharks are classified as "critically endangered".

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However, catching great hammerheads is not illegal in Texas.

Glenn Laskowski Jr, one of the fishermen, told local news outlet KIII: "It was a battle back and forth for almost an hour and 30 minutes.

"We finally were able to land the fish and get to see the true size of the monster. We quickly dehooked the fish, and got some quick pictures, then went to release the fish."

To catch a beast of that size the fishermen used a 20lb cownose stingray as bait, waiting two hours for a bite.

Laskowski took to Facebook to share images of shark. Sadly, following the battle after being hooked, the animal died.

Laskowski wrote on TikTok: "She died of exhaust[ion]. Unfortunately there was nothing else that we could have done to our knowledge.

"We had her in the current so water could flow through the gills and still nothing in that amount of time. This fish really put me and my partner JR which is also a very experienced shark angler to the test. They don't always die but unfortunately this one did. [sic]"

After it passed away, the fishermen decided to take the hammerhead to be measured and used it for meat.

"The meat was all given away and very greatly appreciated by everyone," Laskowski said.

Great hammerheads are the largest of the hammerhead species and can grow to be 20ft.

According to a 2014 report by NOAA Fisheries, despite being listed as "critically endangered", they are not at great risk of going extinct.

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