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Mum whose baby’s head was ‘torn off during birth’ says docs stitched it back on

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The mum of the baby girl whose head was allegedly ripped off during childbirth claims medics stitched it back on.

Ranielly Coelho Santos and dad Victor da Silva are taking legal action following the horrifying incident at the Hospital das Clinicas in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, on May 1.

They claim newborn girl Emanuelly was alive during delivery but not when she came out.

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Ranielly has now said there were stitch marks on the baby's next when she woke up following the botched birth.

She told local media: "I woke up, she said, 'Are you awake, Mum? Let's say goodbye to your daughter.' Then they brought her dressed, packaged."

Ranielly's mum apparently noticed the stitches on her granddaughter's neck. She said: "My mother saw the whole procedure.

"She opened the baby's clothes, but they tried to interrupt my mother from opening the clothes, that's when we saw that her neck was sewn, full of marks."

Ranielly was seven months pregnant when she went into labour. The baby had been diagnosed with a lung issue prior, meaning there was a chance she wouldn't survive, but the parents insist her heart was beating before her head was torn off.

Victor said: "They began pulling the child's head with their hands, telling my wife to push, but she didn't have any more strength.

"At the last moment they did this, a bunch of people came over and held her down, held me down.

"They gave her general anaesthesia, she passed out, the baby just came out, but she was already lifeless."

Security had to remove him from the delivery room after the incident.

Lawyer Jennifer Valente said: "It was far beyond a medical mistake, a life was lost, and the mother's life was almost lost too.

"The mother was tied up during the delivery, she has several bruises on her body.

"Since her first pregnancy, it had been identified that she didn't have the passage to have a natural delivery.

"There were several sequential mistakes that caused this tragedy."

It was previously reported that hospital staff offered to cover funeral costs if the parents didn't forward their baby's body on for further investigation elsewhere. They turned that down.

Ranielly said: "Even if it doesn't bring her back, I hope what happened to me doesn't happen to another mother.

"I was treated like an animal, nobody respected me. It's very sad."

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